Teachers are called ‘Nation Builders’ in every country, in every period and in every society. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan has aptly remarked, ‘The teachers place in society is of vital importance. He or she acts as the pivot for the transmission of intellectual traditions and technical skills from generation to generation and helps to keep the lamp of civilization burning’. …

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Priest, Confessor,Founder
"Father and Teacher of Youth"

St. John Bosco – Popularly known as “Don Bosco” was born of a peasant family on August 16, 1815 at Becchi, small village on the outskirts of Turin, Italy.

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“Inspired by the benign and noble teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ who said, “Iam the Way, the Truth and the Life,” and guided by the educational philosophy of St. John Bosco, the college has the avowed vision of bringing holistic, quality higher education within the reach of all.”


“To provide an education that is participatory in nature, intellectual competence, multi-skill oriented, value based and socially committed for the development of persons and enrichment of society.”


Declamation/ Elocution Contest held on 11th March. Click to find the names of winners

March 4, 2019

Declamation/ Elocution Contest was held on 11th March from 1.40 pm – 3.15 pm. There were eight participants. two participants each …

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Dance Competition (Singles) held on 22nd March. Congrats to all Prize winners and participants

March 4, 2019

Dance Competition (Singles) was held on 22nd March 2016 at 2 pm. There were two participants each from the four groups. The …

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Download B.Ed Results declared by NEHU

March 4, 2019

B.Ed Results of NEHU Annual System Declared. Don Bosco College of Teacher Education (Bi-centenary Batch) bags eight out ten …

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